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Organic 2 Review Problem 52 - a relatively large surface...

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36 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Now if K is very small, the amount of X going into the ether layer will also be very small and it would be quite impracticable to carry out more than three or four extractions. This difficulty can, however, be easily overcome by employing continuous ether extraction using the apparatus shown in Fig. 17 (A). The ether is placed in the flask E. The aqueous solution is placed in the wide tube A. On heating E, ether vapour passes up the side-tube B to the condenser C, from whence liquid ether falls through the central vertical tube D to the bottom of the aqueous layer in A. Small drops of ether ascend through the aqueous layer, and in so doing expose
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Unformatted text preview: a relatively large surface and extract some of the solute. The ethereal extract gradually increases in bulk, and the upper part of it is returned continuously by the system F to the flask E. Here the ether is again vapourised and recycled as above. Thus after a large number of cycles the solute will gradually accumulate in the ether in E and the solute can then be recovered by normal distillation or evaporation of the ethereal solution. A convenient alternative apparatus for continuous ether extraction is shown in Fig. 17 (B)....
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