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42 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY quickly sealed off at a. For liquids of high boiling-point, these precautions are not necessary, although in all cases the constric- tion a facilitates the sealing of the neck. Students frequently attempt to seal liquids in test-tubes: the latter are, however, usually too fragile for this purpose. Apparatus having Ground-glass Joints. Apparatus consisting solely of glass units interlocking by ground- glass joints has for many purposes replaced the older cork- or rubber- stoppered apparatus because its great advantages in use outweigh its much greater cost. These advantages include: ( a ) Speed of assembly, (b) Well-fitting joints, as these are made to accurate standards and joints of any given size are thus interchangeable, (c) Accurate alignment of assembly, for the use of incorrectly bored corks is obviated, ( d ) Freedom from con- tamination of liquids by cork and rubber. The underlying principle of this apparatus is the interchangeable
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