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Organic 2 Review Problem 59 - etc or with This brief...

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METHODS AND MANIPULATION 43 (B) (J) FIG. 22. Units.* Some of the chief units employed for reasonably simple ground- glass assemblies are: Round-bottomed flasks (Fig. 22(A)) of various sizes and having necks of various lengths and widths. They can be closed with stoppers (Fig. 22(B)), or fitted with any of the following units: reflux air-condensers (Fig. 22(C)) or water- condensers (Fig. 22(D)); distillation heads, of the simple "knee-tube" type (Fig. 22(E)), or with a vertical joint (Fig. 22(F)) for thermometers,
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Unformatted text preview: etc., or with * This brief account is intended to give only a general indication of the types of apparatus available. The firm which has pioneered the design and manufac-ture of ground-glass apparatus is Quickfit and Quartz, Ltd., "Quickfit" Works, Stone, Staffordshire, STl5 OBG, whose catalogues fully illustrate the range of units and assemblies available....
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