Organic 2 Review Problem 61

Organic 2 Review Problem 61 - adaptor A (Fig. 23(E)) is...

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METHODS AND MANIPULATION 45 Tube extends below bench volatile solvents * Water both FIG. 23. distillation under reduced pressure. The lower end of the condenser is fitted with an adaptor of type A and a receiver B (Fig. 23(E)) whilst the solvent is being distilled. For the fractional distillation of the residual liquid, the dropping- funnel is replaced by a capillary tube, the thermometer is inserted, and then the
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Unformatted text preview: adaptor A (Fig. 23(E)) is replaced by a "pig" B (Fig. 23(F)) carrying suitable receivers (of which the cylindrical and the spherical types are shown), or by an all-glass Perkin triangle similar to that shown in Fig. 14, p. 31. If the amount...
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