Organic 2 Review Problem 63

Organic 2 Review Problem 63 - an easily oxidised liquid For...

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METHODS AND MANIPULATION 47 arms fitted at an angle. The flask A can therefore, for example, carry through its central neck a stirrer B and gas-inlet (closed when not in use), and through one side-neck C a reflux condenser and through the other neck D either a dropping-funnel or a stopper to allow intermittent additions of a solid reagent such as sodium. For fairly large quantities of liquids, this assembly is more robust than a single-necked flask fitted with the three-necked adaptor shown in Fig. 22(J). The gas-inlet is particularly useful for the passage of nitrogen over
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Unformatted text preview: an easily oxidised liquid. For extraction purposes, a Soxhlet apparatus (Fig. 23(H)) can be inserted between a flask of boiling solvent and the reflux condenser A above. This apparatus is similar in design to that shown in Fig. 19, p. 38: in the type shown in Fig. 23(H) the hot extract continuously overflows through the side-tube into the boiling solvent below, but the syphon type shown in Fig. 19 is also available....
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