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Organic 2 Review Problem 68 - points.) The spraying...

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PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Whatman No. i filter-paper, and handled as little and as cleanly as possible. Spray. For most purposes a simple spray device, based on the ordinary scent-spray, suffices. A finer and less intermittent spray can be obtained using the apparatus shown in Fig. 26. A narrow glass cylinder J has a ground-glass A'B' (A) FIG. 25. neck into which the attachment K fits securely. This attachment consists essentially of the central neck K, which has two short inlet tubes, L being horizontal and M bent upwards as shown, and a long curved outlet tube N which is tapered to a small orifice at the end. The lower part of K within the cylinder J consists of a tapering tube P having a small hole Q at one side: the open base of P is curved inwards as shown to form a fiile capillary-tube which reaches to the upper end of the outlet tube N. (Alternatively, the capillary tube can be drawn out from a short length of tubing which fits inside P, and is held in position by being lightly fused to the inside lower rim of P at two opposite
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Unformatted text preview: points.) The spraying solution is put into J, and the inlet tube L connected to a high-pressure air supply. "When J is grasped in the hand, and the tube M closed with the forefinger, a very fine spray is blown from N, and its duration can be immediately controlled by thus opening or closing M. Reagents. (A) Amino-acid solution. A solution of 5 mg. of glycine, 5 mg. of proline, and 5 mg. of phenylalanine in i ml. of water. (B) Control solution. A solution of 5 mg. of glycine in i ml. of water. (C) Mixed solvent. A well-shaken mixture of 20 ml. of redistilled H-butanol, 9-5 ml. of water, and 5-5 ml. of 95% ethanoL (D) Spraying solution. A solution of 0-2 g. of ninhydrin in a mixture of 99 ml. of redistilled n-butanol and i ml. of glacial acetic acid. Method. Draw a light pencil line across the paper strip about 3 cm. from the bottom (Fig. 25 (B) ), and mark two points A' and B' 2 cm....
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