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54 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY This experiment requires less time than the former, for the paper strip comes into equilibrium with the solvent vapour much more rapidly, and can then be inserted into the solvent without intermediate drying. Reagents. (A) Anthranilic acid. A solution of 20 mg. of the pure acid in 20 ml. of methanol. (B) N-Methylanthranilic acid. A solution of 10 mg. of the acid (recrystallised as above) in 20 mg. of methanol. (C) Mixed acids. A solution containing 10 mg. of each acid in 20 ml. of methanol. (D) Mixed solvent. Add 10 ml. of concentrated aqueous ammonia ( d , o-88o) to 40 ml. of redistilled n-butanol and thoroughly mix to obtain a complete solution. Method. Prepare a paper strip from Whatman No: i filter paper, as in the previous experiment, and draw a light pencil line about 3 cm. from the bottom (cf. Fig. 25(6)). Mark three points A', B' and C' sym- metrically on this line, if possible 2 cm. apart. Using the fine pipette,
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