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5 8 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY carbonate as in (3). Prepare a solution of 0-025 g. of citric acid and 0-25 g. of glucose in ioo ml. of distilled water. Pass this solution down the column at the rate of 5 ml. per minute. Collect the effluent and wash the column with ioo ml. of distilled water. Add this to the main effluent and distil off the water until a small volume is obtained, then evaporate to obtain pure glucose. [The citric acid is retained on the column and can if desired by recovered in solution by eluting the column with ioo ml. of M 1 '2 ammonium carbonate solution.] Regenerate the column by washing with water, Tl I 2.Na 2 CO 3 solution, and again with water. Thin Layer Chromatography This is used extensively for qualitative analysis, for it is a rapid process and requires simple apparatus. The adsorbent is usually a layer, about 0-25 mm. thick, of silica gel or alumina, with an inactive binder, e.g. calcium sulphate, to increase the strength of the layer. A 1:1 slurry of the absorbent and methanol is
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