Organic 2 Review Problem 85

Organic 2 Review Problem 85 - METHODS AND MANIPULATION 69...

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Unformatted text preview: METHODS AND MANIPULATION 69 admitted into the evacuated tube only through the capillary tube C to ensure a gentle stream of air: the pad E provides an extra safeguard against material in D being swept towards F. The heating-element G allows the tube to be heated electrically to any required thermostatically- controlled temperature. This 'drying pistol' has obvious advantages over that in F ig . 48(A). CaCI 2 tube FIG. 48(3). Evaporation. Very small evaporating basins of the conventional type may be used. Such a procedure, however, often results in the condensation of moisture. A more efficient method consists in drawing a stream of dry air over the surface of the liquid (F ig. 49), or alternatively in blowing air from the compressed air mains over the liquid. tower end of tube 7IJI[V Sublim ation. This is a most drawn to ~ ^^^ f [JJ] \ useful process for small-scale work capillary t>oint^\-~*y ) as the losses are comparatively small....
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