Organic 2 Review Problem 86

Organic 2 Review Problem 86 - Iodoform(p 92 Ethyl acetate(p...

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PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY be used. Small nickel spatulas of suitable size and design are now available for small-scale work. Small forceps are also almost indis- pensable. The greatest quantitative errors in semi-micro work arise in connec- tion with the measurement of liquids. For this reason the use of micro- burettes and graduated dropping-tubes is essential ( c /. pp. 59-60). fOcm. FIG. 50. FIG. SI(A). Molecular Weight Determinations. Details of the determination of molecular weights on a semi-micro scale by the Freezing-point method are given on p. 436, and by the Boiling-point method on p. 440. PREPARATIONS. By employing suitable apparatus as described above, the student is enabled to carry out the following semi-micro preparations. Copper acetate (p. 75)
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Unformatted text preview: Iodoform (p. 92) Ethyl acetate (p. 97) and Hydrolysis of Ethyl acetate (p. ioo) Acetanilide (p. 107) and Hydrolysis of Acetanilide (p. 108) 2-Naphthyl acetate (p. no) Oxamide (p. 118) Benzamide (p. 119) Mercury benzamide (p. 120) Glucosazone (p. 137) Nitrobenzene (p. 157) in-Dinitrobenzene (p. 158, -j^th scale given) Aniline (p. 164) m-Nitroaniline (p. 168, -^th scale given) />-Bromoacetanilide (p. 166) />-Nitroacetanilide (p. 167, lth scale given) />-Nitroaniline (p. 168, -£th scale given) Chlorobenzene (p. 189, jth scale given) Sulphanilamide (p. 181, -py tn scale given) Diphenylnitrosoamine (p. 203) Benzeneazo-2-naphthol (p. 210, 2 1 OtH scale given) Benzaldehyde phenylhydrazone (p. 229) Benzylidene-aniline (p. 230)...
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