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METHODS AND MANIPULATION 71 Dibenzal-acetone (p. 231) Benzoin (p. 233, poth scale given) Benzil (p. 234), i^th scale given) Benzil osazone (p. 234) Phenyl benzoate (p. 244) and Hydrolysis of phenyl benzoate (p. 244) Benzanilide (p. 245) and Hydrolysis of benzanilide (p. 246) Benzyl />-nitrobenzoate (p. 246) Methyl 3,5-dinitrobenzoate (p. 247) Phenyl toluene-/>-sulphonate (p. 249) Acetophenone (p. 255) Acetophenone phenylhydrazone (p. 257) Acetophenone sernicarbazone (p. 258) Anthraquinone (p. 259) Triphenyl carbinol (p. 285) The preparations of all the derivatives, and all the hydrolyses of esters, anilides, etc., described in Part III, provide excellent practice in semi-micro manipulation. The semi-micro scale is particularly suitable for students who wish to carry out a succession of syntheses from one starting material. For this purpose the following conversions are recommended. (a) Benzene->nitrobenzene -^-aniline ->acetanilide->/>-acetamidobenzenesuI- phonyl chloride ->/)-acetamidobenzenesulphonarnide ->sulphanilamide. (b)
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