Organic 2 Review Problem 88

Organic 2 Review Problem 88 - 2 X Glass stirring rods. 2 X...

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72 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY 1 X 4* Filter tube. (Fig. 45.) 2 X i" Analytical funnels. (Fig. 46.) 1X5* Cylindrical separating funnel with tap. (Fig. i6(A).) i X 2 ml. Graduated pipette with rubber filler. (Fig. SO(A).) i X 5^* Glass tube receiver with sloping side arm. (As in Fig. 37.) i X 2\* Receiving tube. (Fig. 29(6).) i X Glass "filtration nail". (Fig. 46.) 1 XHirsch funnel (2" diameter). (C, Fig. 4, p. 10.)
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Unformatted text preview: 2 X Glass stirring rods. 2 X Semi-micro clamps. i X Semi-micro Bunsen burner. i x Glass bulb for gas identification tests. (Fig. SI(A).) In addition each student will require a lightweight 14^ retort stand. The following apparatus is desirable but not essential, i X 50 ml. Kjeldahl flask. (Fig. 44.) i xLiebig type condenser with side condenser attached. (Fig. 38»)...
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