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PART II PREPARATIONS* The Oxidation of Ethanol. Ethanol, being a typical primary alcohol containing the -CH 2 OH group, gives on oxidation first acetaldehyde and then acetic acid. This process, when carried out by an aqueous oxidising agent, probably consists in the direct O - - - ^u CH 8 CH 8 OH > CH 3 CH(OH) 2 > CH 3 COOH Ethanol. ! -H 2 O Acetic Acid. CH 8 CHO Acetaldehyde. addition of oxygen to the ethanol to give the dihydroxy-derivative, CH 3 CH(OH) 2 ; the latter is unstable and readily loses water, e.g., on warming, to give acetalde- hyde, while in the presence of an excess of the oxidising agent it loses two atoms of hydrogen to give acetic acid. It is known that acetaldehyde, when dissolved in water, partly reforms the dihydroxy-compound, a process which occurs very readily with chloral or trichloro-acetaldehyde, CCl 3 CHO, which forms a stable "hydrate," CCl 8 CH(OH) 2 . The oxidising agent used for the preparation of both acetaldehyde and acetic
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