Organic 2 Review Problem 95

Organic 2 Review Problem 95 - PREPARATIONS 79 minutes, and...

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PREPARATIONS 79 minutes, and the well-stirred mixture should finally be neutral to litmus-paper. Now heat the mixture on a water-bath, using a thermometer as a stirrer, until the temperature reaches 60°, and then filter at the pump through a wide Buchner funnel: at this temperature, filtration should be rapid. Finally wash the residue of calcium sulphate on the filter with a small quantity of hot water, adding the wash-water to the main filtrate. In order to convert the calcium ethyl sulphate to potassium ethyl sulphate, add a concentrated aqueous solution of potassium carbonate cautiously drop by drop to the well-stirred filtrate until a drop of the latter withdrawn on a glass rod is just sufficiently alkaline to turn red litmus-paper blue. Then filter the solution at the pump, and wash the residual calcium carbonate again with a small quantity of water. Evaporate the filtrate on a water-bath until a drop withdrawn on a rod crystallises on cooling: then allow the solution to stand until almost cold, and finally chill it
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