Organic 2 Review Problem 96

Organic 2 Review Problem 96 - (Fig. 22(j)). The thermometer...

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8o PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY the distilling- flask A (of about 450 ml. capacity) are fitted a thistle- funnel F and a thermometer T, both reaching down to the bottom of A. The dropping-funnel D is then securely fitted by a cork into the mouth of the thistle-funnel as shown, so that the ethanol subsequently dropping from D can be clearly seen. To the flask A is fitted a double-surface condenser C, and to the latter in turn a Buchner flask B to act as receiver. To the side-arm of B is fitted a length of rubber tubing leading well below the level of the bench, so that any ether vapour escaping condensation cannot return to the neighbourhood of A. (Alternatively, use a ground- glass flask (Fig. 22(A), p. 43) carrying a three-necked adaptor
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Unformatted text preview: (Fig. 22(j)). The thermometer can then be fitted through the central neck, the dropping-funnel through the left-hand neck, and the condenser joined through an adaptor (Fig. 22 (E)) to the right-hand neck.) FIG. 54. First place about 5 g. of clean dry sand in A, and then 45 ml. (36 g-) f rectified spirit: cool the flask in ice-water and cautiously add 40 ml. (74 g.) of concentrated sulphuric acid, shaking the mixture thoroughly during the addition to ensure a until they have had some experience in the manipulation, and particularly the distillation, of ether, such as its use for the extraction of aniline (p. 163), where full details and precautions are given....
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