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PREPARATIONS 89 necessary to dehydrate rectified spirit, the process can be carried out most reliably by the use of quick-lime. The quick-lime should preferably be pre- pared in the laboratory by heating lumps of marble strongly in a good muffle- furnace for about 3 hours; the product, directly it cools, must be stored in a tightly stoppered tin or bottle, although whenever possible it should be used for dehydration immediately after its preparation. If the lime is obtained from a dealer, it should preferably be reheated immediately before use. The preparation of absolute ethanol in moderate quantity for classes may be carried out as follows. Pour 3 Winchester bottles (i.e., 7-8 litres) of rectified spirit into a 3-gallon (14-15 litre) can C (Fig. 58), add about 600 g. of the FIG. 58. quick-lime, and fit a double-surface reflux condenser by means of a rubber stopper, the top of the condenser being closed with a calcium chloride tube. Place the can in a large galvanised iron bath G about half-full of water, supporting the
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