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PREPARATIONS 9* shake it thoroughly with dilute sodium hydroxide solution in a separating-funnel. (If the chloroform tends to float on the alka- line solution, it still contains appreciable quantities of acetone: in this case the sodium hydroxide solution should be run out of the funnel and the chloroform shaken with water to extract the acetone. The extraction with the sodium hydroxide solution can then be performed after the water has been removed.) Carefully run off the heavy lower layer of chloroform into a small conical flask, dry it over calcium chloride for 15-10 minutes, and then filter it directly into a 75 ml. distilling-flask fitted with a clean dry water- condenser. Distil the chloroform, collecting the fraction of b.p. 60-63°. Yield, 30 g. (20 ml.) Chloroform is a colourless liquid, of b.p. 61° and d , 1-50. It has a characteristic sweetish smell, and is frequently used as a solvent in organic chemistry. For reactions of chloroform, see p. 392.
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