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94 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY (NOTE. The sodium hydroxide must be accurately weighed out, for an excess will dissolve the oxime as the sodium derivative.) Prepare a solution of 12-5 g. of hydroxylamine hydro- chloride in 20 ml. of water contained in a ioo ml. conical flask. Dissolve 7 g. of powdered sodium hydroxide in 20 ml. of water, cool the solution in ice-water, and then add it to that of the hydroxylamine hydrochloride. Place a thermometer in the mixed solution, and chill the flask in ice-water until the tempera- ture of the solution is between 5° and io°. Now add 12 ml. (9*5 £•) °f dry acetone (preferably from a burette to ensure accuracy) in small quantities so that, when the mixture is gently shaken in the ice-water during the addition, the temperature does not rise above 15°. The acetoxime usually starts to crystal- lise when about half the acetone has been added. When the addition is complete, allow the mixture to stand in ice-water for 15 minutes, and then filter off the crude acetoxime at the pump,
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