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PREPARATIONS 97 action of the corresponding phosphorus tri- or penta-halide. The reaction is often indicated by the equation: 3C 1 H 5 OH + PCl 8 = 3C 2 H 5 Cl + P(OH) 8 Ethyl chloride Phosphorous acid It is however more complicated, esters of phosphorous acid* being also formed (cf. p. 308). Iodides are usually prepared by a modification of this method, the cthanol being mixed with red phosphorus, and iodine added. The phosphorus iodide is thus formed in situ, and at once reacts with ethanol to give the corres- ponding iodide. For reactions of esters, see p. 354. Ethyl Acetate. CH 3 COOC 2 H 5 . (Method i.) Required: Ethanol, 50 ml.; sulphuric acid, 10 ml.; acetic acid, 50 ml.; calcium chloride, 25 g. Mix 50 ml. (40 g.) of ethanol and 50 ml. (52 g.) of glacial acetic acid thoroughly in a 250 ml. round-bottomed flask, and add slowly, with cooling and shaking, 10 ml. (18-5 g.) of con- centrated sulphuric acid. Ensure that the liquid is homo- geneous, then fit the flask with a reflux water-condenser (Fig. 8,
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