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98 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY granular calcium chloride, and shake occasionally. After about 20 minutes, when the liquid should be dry, filter it through a small fluted filter-paper into a ioo ml. distilling-flask attached to a water-condenser. Add some fragments of unglazed porcelain to the ethyl acetate, fit a 100° thermometer to the flask, and place the latter on a cold water-bath, which is then brought to the boil. Some ether is always formed as a by-product with the ethyl acetate, and by these means is carefully distilled off as a preliminary and separate fraction, boiling at 35-40°: if the dis- tilling-flask is rapidly heated on a previously boiling water-bath, however, the ether does not distil as a definite fraction, and the boiling-point of the distillate steadily rises without a perceptible break to that of the ethyl acetate itself. Collect the portion of the distillate boiling between 74° and 79°, rejecting a small fraction boiling immediately below this range. Yield 50 g. Ethyl acetate
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