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102 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY pressure in the funnel at frequent intervals (as in the preparation of ethyl acetate, p. 97). Allow the two liquids to separate, and again run off the lower layer of ethyl bromide. Discard the upper layer, return the ethyl bromide to the funnel, and shake it with an equal volume of water to remove traces of sodium carbonate. Allow the two liquids to separate, and finally run the lower layer of ethyl bromide carefully into a small conical flask: add a few pieces of calcium chloride, securely cork the flask and then occa- sionally shake the mixture gently, protecting the liquid as much as possible from the heat of the hand. The liquid should become quite clear (and therefore dry) in about 20 minutes. Then filter the ethyl bromide through a small fluted filter-paper directly into a 60 ml. distilling-flask. Fit the flask with a 100° ther- mometer, and a water-condenser having as before an ample supply of cold water: then arrange the condenser so that its lower end
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