Organic 2 Review Problem 121

Organic 2 Review Problem 121 - PREPARATIONS mixture. The...

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PREPARATIONS mixture. The speed with which the hydrogen chloride enters the flask A must be carefully watched during the first few minutes of the experiment, and any tendency of the solution to suck back along the tube C (owing to the high solubility of hydrogen chloride in ethanol) should be checked by increasing the current: when once the boiling solution is saturated, however, the current of hydrogen chloride can be cut down until only a gentle stream of bubbles is passing through D. When the solution has been boiling for 11 hours, remove A, cool the contents, and then pour the ethanolic solution of the ester into a separating- funnel containing about 200 ml. of water, finally rinsing out the flask with a few ml. of water which are also doured into the funnel. Since the pensity of ethyl benzoate is only slightly greater than that of water, a sharp separation of the ester is not usually obtained. It is advisable at this stage therefore to add about 10 ml. of carbon tetrachloride, and then to shake the
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