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PREPARATIONS 109 acid hydrolysis should always be used for anilides. For this purpose, a 70% solution of sulphuric acid, prepared by adding 40 ml. (74 g.) of the concentrated acid cautiously to 30 ml. of water with cooling and stirring, gives the most satisfactory results. Place i g. of acetanilide and 10 ml. of the 70% sulphuric acid in a small flask fitted with a reflux water-con denser, and boil the mixture gently for 15 minutes, when the hot solution will smell perceptibly of free acetic acid. Dilute the solution with about 5 ml. of water, C 5 H 6 NHCOCH 3 +H 2 O + H 2 SO 4 = C 6 H 5 NH 21 H 2 SO 4 + CH 3 COOH transfer it to a small distilling-flask, and distil off about 1-2 ml. Acetic acid is volatile in steam: therefore apply to this distillate the tests for free acetic acid given on p. 347. Cool the residual liquid, which contains aniline sulphate dissolved in excess of dilute sulphuric acid, and apply the tests for aniline given on p. 373. Alternatively the semi-micro apparatus shown in Fig. 38 (p. 63) may be used.
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