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i io PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY anhydride, cork the bottle securely, and shake the contents vigorously for about 5 minutes, by which time the reaction will be complete and an emulsion of phenyl acetate obtained. Pour the mixture into a separating-funnel. Owing to the density of the acetate being only slightly greater than that of water, a sharp separation is usually not rapidly obtained. It is advisable therefore to add about 8 ml. of carbon tetrachloride, when, after shaking, a sharp and rapid separation of the heavy solution of the phenyl acetate in the tetrachloride is obtained. Run off this solution, reject the upper aqueous layer, return the solution to the funnel, and shake again with about 8o ml. of very dilute sodium carbonate solution in order to remove traces of acetic acid or anhydride. Run off the lower layer into a small conical flask, dry over granular calcium chloride for 20-30 minutes and then filter through a small fluted filter-paper directly into a 50 ml. distilling-flask. Fit the latter with a 360° thermometer and an
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