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PREPARATIONS 127 Required: Benzyl chloride, 8-3 g.; thiourea, 5 g. Add in turn benzyl chloride (8-3 g., 8-0 ml.) and powdered thiourea (5 gm.) to 10 ml. of 95% ethanol in a ioo ml. flask fitted with a reflux condenser. Warm the mixture on the water- bath with gentle shaking until the reaction occurs and the effervescence subsides; then boil the mixture under reflux for 30 minutes. Cool the clear solution in ice-water, filter off the crystalline deposit of the benzylthiouronium chloride at the pump, wash it with ice-cold ethyl acetate, and dry in a desic- cator. Yield, 11-12 g., m.p. 170-174°. The white product is sufficiently pure for use as a reagent. It is very soluble in cold water and ethanol, but can be recrystallised by adding ethanol dropwise to a boiling suspension in ethyl acetate or acetone until a clear solution is just obtained, and then rapidly cooling. Hofmann's Primary Amine Synthesis. The preparation of pure primary amines by the interaction of alkyl halides
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