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128 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY A certain amount of hydrolysis of the original acetamide to acid and ammonia always occurs, and the final amine always contains traces of ammonia. This is separated by extracting the mixed anhydrous hydrochlorides with absolute ethanol, which dissolves the amine hydrochloride but not the ammonium chloride: filtration of the hot ethanolic extract removes the ammonium chloride, whilst the amine hydrochloride crystallises readily from the filtrate on cooling. Hofmann's amine synthesis can be applied to both aliphatic and aromatic carboxylic acid amides, benzamide, C 6 H 6 CONH 8 , thus giving aniline, C.H B NH,. METHYLAMINE HYDROCHLORIDE. CH 3 NH 21 HCl. Required: Acetamide, 12 g.; bromine, 10-8 ml.; sodium hyd- roxide, 36 g. Dissolve 36 g. of sodium hydroxide in 160 ml. of water con- tained in a 500 ml. conical flask, and chill the stirred solution to 0-5° in ice-water. Nov/ add io-8 ml. (32-4 g.) of bromine slowly to the stirred solution (exercise care in manipulating liquid
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