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PREPARATIONS 131 filter again through a Buchner funnel. The glycine is obtained as a fine colourless crystalline powder, which has m.p. 230-231° (with decomposition) if it is placed in a bath preheated to ca. 210° and the temperature then increased fairly rapidly. Yield, 7-5-8-0 g. Aliphatic Nitro-compounds. Since aliphatic hydrocarbons (unlike aromatic hydrocarbons, p. 155) can be directly nitrated only under very special conditions, indirect methods are usually employed for the preparation of compounds such as nitroethane, C 8 H 6 NO 2 . When ethyl iodide is heated with silver nitrite, two isomeric compounds are formed, and can be easily separated by fractional distillation. The first is the true ester, ethyl nitrite, C 1 H 5 ONO, of b.p. 17°: its identity is shown by the action of hot sodium hydroxide solution, which hydrolyses it, giving ethanol and C 2 H 5 ONO + NaOH -> C 2 H 5 OH + NaNO 2 sodium nitrite. The second compound is nitroethane, C a H 6 NO a , of b.p. 114°: its identity is clearly shown by the action of reducing agents, which convert it
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