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132 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Nitromethane. CH 3 NO 2 . Required: Monochloroacetic acid, 50 g.; anhydrous sodium carbonate, 30 g.; sodium nitrite, 36-5 g. Dissolve 50 g. of monochloroacetic acid in ioo ml. of water contained in a 500 ml. round-bottomed bolt-head flask, and then neutralise the solution by the cautious addition of 30 g. of finely powdered anhydrous sodium carbonate. For this purpose, add the sodium carbonate in small quantities (about i g.) at a time, preferably with the aid of a spatula, and shake the solution gently around after each addition to facilitate the evolution of carbon dioxide: a clear solution is thus maintained throughout, whereas the rapid addition of large quantities of the carbonate produces lumps of material which are subsequently difficult to dissolve. Now dissolve 36-5 g. of sodium nitrite in 50 ml. of water with gentle heating, cool the solution thoroughly in ice- water, and then add it with shaking to that of the sodium mono- chloroacetate. Add some fragments of unglazed porcelain, and
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