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PREPARATIONS 133 Nitromethane is obtained as a colourless liquid, of b.p. 101° and d , 1-16: yield, 10 g. Reactions of Nitromethane. (i) Nitromethane, although only slightly soluble in cold water, is freely soluble in sodium hydroxide solution, the alkaline solution slowly becoming yellow in colour. (2) Place a few drops of nitromethane in a test-tube, add about 3 times as much concentrated hydrochloric acid, and then a piece of granulated tin. The tin dissolves in the acid and the nascent hydrogen produced reduces the nitromethane to monomethylamine: CH 3 NO 2 4-6H = CH 3 NH 2 + 2 H 2 O Moderate the reaction if necessary by dipping the tube in cold water. When the tin has completely dissolved, cool the solution thoroughly, and make alkaline by the addition of concentrated (30%) sodium hydroxide solution. A strong ammoniacal smell of monomethylamine is pro- duced, and white fumes form when the open end of the tube is placed near an open bottle of concentrated hydrochloric acid. This formation
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