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HO PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY the tube in a small beaker of boiling water and there let it cool: the maltosazone crystallises as the solution cools. (If the solution is cooled rapidly, the osazone separates as minute crystals, and subsequent filtration at the pump will be very slow.) Finally complete the cooling by immersing the boiling-tube in cold water, and then filter off the maltosazone at the pump, wash with a few ml. of cold water, and drain. (Yield, 1-2 g.). Recrystallise the osazone from a small quantity of boiling water. Allow the solution to cool very slowly as before, and examine the crystals as directed in the previous preparation. Note the long narrow plates, and compare them with Fig. 63(8). Filter off the re- mainder of the recrystallised material, drain and dry. The maltosazone is obtained as yellow crystals, m.p. 206°* with decomposition. Lactosazone (Phenyl-lactosazone). C
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