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H4 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY The following preparation works excellently if it is carried out in a laboratory which has become "inoculated" by the methylglucoside from previous preparations, or alternatively if some of the glucoside is available for "seeding" the solution of the crude material; otherwise there may be a considerable delay before crystallisation starts. Required: Anhydrous glucose, 20 g.; methanol, 40 ml. Add 20 g. of pure powdered anhydrous glucose to 40 ml. of anhydrous methanol (preparation, p. 88) contained in a flask fitted by means of a rubber stopper to a reflux water-condenser: close the top of the condenser with a calcium chloride tube. It is now required to add about 5% of dry hydrogen chloride to the methanol in the flask. For this purpose, fit a corked boiling-tube with two narrow delivery-tubes so that it can act as a wash-bottle: fit the inlet tube to a hydrogen chloride Kipp's apparatus (p. 104) through a concentrated sulphuric acid wash- bottle to ensure thorough drying of the gas, and fit the outlet
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