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PREPARATIONS 151 although a shorter period is sufficient. The apparatus must also be thoroughly dry. Fit a 500 ml. round-bottomed flask with a dropping-funnel, and with an efficient reflux water-condenser having a calcium chloride guard-tube at the top. Place 8-0 g. of magnesium turnings or ribbon and 80 ml. of the dry benzene in the flask. Prepare a solution of 9-0 g. of mercuric chloride in 50 ml. of the dry acetone, transfer it to the dropping-funnel, and then allow it to enter the flask slowly at first, and then more rapidly, so that the addition takes about 3-5 minutes. The reaction usually starts shortly after the initial addition of the mercuric chloride solution: if it is delayed, it may then start vigorously, and the flask may have to be cooled in water to prevent escape of acetone through the condenser. As the reaction beings to subside, run in from the dropping- funnel without delay a mixture of 25 ml. of acetone and 20 ml. of benzene, in order to maintain a brisk and continuous reaction.
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