Organic 2 Review Problem 174

Organic 2 Review Problem 174 - IS8 PRACTICAL ORGANIC...

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Unformatted text preview: IS8 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY possible from the nitrobenzene. Decant off as much as possible of the supernatant aqueous layer,* and then transfer the residual liquid to a separating-funnel. Run off the lower layer of nitro- benzene, rejecting the upper aqueous layer, and then return the nitrobenzene to the separating-funnel, and shake it vigorously with an equal volume of cold water. Allow the nitrobenzene to separate again, and then run it off and repeat the washing using dilute sodium carbonate solution. The nitrobenzene should be shaken with increasing quantities of the carbonate solution until the cessation of evolution of carbon dioxide shows that all free acid has been neutralised. The nitrobenzene ought now to be separated and again washed with water to remove traces of sodium carbonate solution: wash- ing with water at this stage, however, frequently gives an emul- sion of nitrobenzene and water and takes a very long time to separate again into two well-defined layers. It is best thereforeseparate again into two well-defined layers....
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