Organic 2 Review Problem 175

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PREPARATIONS 159 in Fig. 36 (p. 63). Distil without water in the condenser (after removal of chloro- form). Keep the hot vapour of the nitrobenzene around the bulb of the thermo- meter (which has a considerable heat-capacity) for one minute without actually distilling, so that the true temperature can be recorded, and then collect the fraction of b.p. 207-211°. Yield, 2.7 g. For reactions of nitrobenzene, see pp. 384, 385. Aromatic Substitution. The student when preparing disubstituted benzenes should bear in mind Vorlander's Rules of aromatic substitution, which form the most convenient modification of Crum Brown's earlier rules. Vorlander stated that if a substance C»;H r) Q be converted into a substance C 0 H 4 QR, where Q and R are any sub- stituents, then (1) The nature of C 6 H 4 QR depends solely on Q, and is independent of R. (2) The product C«H 4 QR is either (a) the meta isomeride, or (b) a mixture of the ortho and para isomerides. (3) If the group Q contains a double or triple bond, then C
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