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162 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY H 1 SnCl 6 , with which the aniline forms a salt, aniline chlorostannate (C 4 H 6 NH 1 )J 1 HjSnCU, similar in type to aniline chloroplatinate (p. 448). The crude product is therefore made strongly alkaline with sodium hydroxide, which liberates the base with the formation of sodium stannate, and the aniline can (CeH 6 NHj) 8 H 8 SnCl 5 + 8NaOH = 2C 6 H 5 NH 1 + Na x SnO, +6NaCl + sH 2 O then be removed by steam-distillation. Required: Nitrobenzene, 21 ml.; tin, 50 g.; hydrochloric acid, ioo ml.; sodium hydroxide, 75 g.; common salt, ca. 30 g. Place 21 ml. (25 g.) of nitrobenzene and 50 g. of granulated tin in a 600 ml. bolt-head flask fitted with a reflux water-con- denser. Now pour about 20 ml. of concentrated hydrochloric acid down the condenser, and shake the contents of the flask steadily. If the heat of the reaction causes the mixture to boil too vigorously, moderate the action by immersing the flask temporarily in cold water. Then as the reaction slackens, pour
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