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PREPARATIONS 163 two layers to separate, and then run off the lower aqueous layer, finally pouring off the remaining ethereal layer through the mouth of the funnel (to avoid contamination with adherent drops of the aqueous layer) into a 200 ml. conical flask. Replace the aqueous solution in the funnel, and again extract with a further 40 ml. of ether. Proceed as before, and transfer the ethereal layer to the conical flask. Now add some coarsely powdered potassium hydroxide to the combined ethereal extracts, and allow the securely corked flask to stand (preferably overnight) until the ethereal solution is clear and dry. Owing to the volatility of ether, and the explosive inflammability of its vapour when mixed with air, special precautions must be taken when distilling off this solvent. Fit up the apparatus as shown in Fig. 64 (or in Fig. 23 (E), p. 45). A is a 6o ml. distilling-
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Unformatted text preview: flask fitted with a dropping-funnel B, so that the bottom of the stem of the funnel passes well below the side-arm of the flask. The latter is then connected to a water-condenser C, through which an ample supply of water can be passed. The lower end of C is then securely fitted into a Buchner flask D of about 300 ml. capacity. A long piece of rubber tubing is attached to the side-arm of D as shown, so that the rubber tubing reaches well below the level of the bench: should any of the heavy ether vapour escape con-densation during distillation, it will thus be carried away well below the apparatus. Place some fragments of unglazed porcelain in A, and extinguish all flames near the apparatus. Now decant A FIG. 64....
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