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164 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY the dried ethereal solution carefully into a small fluted filter-paper, so that it filters directly into the funnel B. It is probable that the water extracted from the ether during drying will have dissolved some of the potassium hydroxide, and that a mixture of solid potash and saturated aqueous potash solution will have col- lected at the bottom of the ether. If some of this aqueous potash solution should pass into the filter during the decantation of the ether, it will not pass through the filter-paper whilst the latter is saturated with the non-miscible ether, but will merely collect at the bottom of the fluted paper. When the filtration is complete, run about 25 ml. of the ether solution into A, and place under the latter a water-bath which has been brought to the boil at some considerable distance from the apparatus. (With large classes, or in crowded laboratories, the water-baths may well be heated in fume-cupboards, which
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