Organic 2 Review Problem 181

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PREPARATIONS 165 15 ml. of water and fit the flask with a small knee-tube and water-condenser (Fig. 59, p. ioo). Heat over a gauze and collect the distillate in a small flask: the aniline distils rapidly in the steam, and the distillate suddenly becomes clear when about 18 ml. have been collected. Add 3 g. of powdered salt to the distillate, shake to dissolve and extract twice with about 4 ml. of ether each time. Dry the ethereal extracts in a 20 ml. conical flask with a few small pieces of solid KOH: the solution will be dry in about 15 minutes. Carefully decant the ethereal solu- tion into the flask shown in Fig. 36 (p. 63), taking care that no adhering moisture or solid falls into the flask; add a small piece of unglazed porcelain or a few granules of carborundum (which does not absorb the liquid) and place the flask in a beaker containing hot water. Distil off all the ether with water running through the condenser, and away from all flames. Then run the water out of the condenser and heat the flask with a small flame. Attempt to keep the vapour of
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