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166 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY To put FIG. 65. in A, and then dilute the solution with 200 ml. of water. Now place 6-4 ml. (20-5 g.) of bromine (care!) in C, and cover it with about 40 ml. of cold water. Adjust the position of the tube D until it nearly touches the surface of the bromine layer. Connect A to a suction water-pump, so that a steady stream of bromine vapour is carried over from C into A, where the greyish-white tribromoaniline soon begins to separate. Shake the contents of A from time to time to ensure an even distribution of the tribromoaniline. When the evap- oration of the bromine has caused the water in C to become almost colourless (about 40 minutes), stop the current of air, and filter off the tribromoaniline at the pump, wash well with water and drain. Recrystallise from rectified spirit, using animal charcoal: the tribromoaniline is obtained as colourless crystals, m.p. 120°. Yield, 8*5 g. For the elimination of the amino group from tribromoaniline, see
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