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172 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY latter at the pump, and drain thoroughly. Yield, 7 g. The o -nitrophenol so obtained is practically pure. It may be further purified if desired either by steam-distilling a second time, or by recrystallisation. For the latter purpose, dissolve the crystals in hot ethanol, and then add water drop by drop to the well-stirred solution until a fine emulsion just appears: then add more ethanol, also drop by drop, until the emulsion just redissolvcs. Xow allow the solution to cool spontaneously: if the emulsion reappears, add a few drops of ethanol from time to time in order to keep the solution clear. Finally the o-nitrophenol separates in crystals, and the \vell-stirred mixture may now be cooled in ice-water until crystallisation is complete. Filter, drain and dry either in an atmospheric desiccator, or by pressing between drying-paper. The 0-nitrophenol is obtained as bright yellow crystals, m.p. 46°, possessing an odour which resembles both that of phenol and
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