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182 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY 500 ml. conical flask and cautiously add 120 ml. of concentrated ammonia solution ( d , o-88o) (fume-cupboard): a vigorous reac- tion with evolution of heat will follow. Stir the mixture until a smooth thin paste is obtained, and then heat at 70° for 30 minutes with occasional stirring. Cool the mixture and make it just acid with dilute sulphuric acid. Filter off the precipitated p - acetamidobenzenesulphonamide at the pump, wash it well with cold water, and drain it thoroughly. (Yield almost theoreti- cal.) Again, this material is pure enough for the next stage: a sample may be recrystallised from hot water and the pure sulphonamide obtained as colourless crystals, m.p. 219°. SULPHANILAMIDE. (Reaction C.) Add 15 g. of the above thoroughly drained sulphonamide to 10 ml. of concen- trated hydrochloric acid diluted with 20 ml. water, and boil the mixture gently under reflux for i hour. Then add 30 ml. of water and heat the mixture again to boiling, with the addition
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