Organic 2 Review Problem 203

Organic 2 Review Problem 203 - P REPARATIONS 187 benzene,...

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PREPARATIONS 187 benzene, as it explodes violently at about 220°. IODOBENZENE DiACETATE. Add 2 g. of iodosobenzenc to 6 ml. of glacial acetic acid, boil gently until a clear solution is obtained, and then cool. The diacetate is freely soluble in acetic acid, but not in ether. Therefore add ether (about 50 ml.) in order to precipitate the iodoben- zene diacetate, which rapidly separates in colourless crystals, particu- larly on scratching with a rod. Filter, wash with ether, and dry. M.p. 157°. Yield, 2 g. The diacetate so obtained is pure, but may if de- sired be recrystallised from benzene. Unlike the dichloride, it is stable on being kept. IODOXYBENZENE. Add 3 g. of iodosobenzene to about ioo ml. of water contained in a small flask, and steam-distil the mixture until iodobenzene ceases to come over and the distillate leaving the con- denser is no longer turbid (usually about 20 minutes). The residual solution in the flask should now be clear: pour it quickly into a beaker and cool. (If the residual solution is not clear, it should be filtered
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