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PREPARATIONS 189 Chlorobenzene. C 6 H 5 Cl. (Sandmeyer's Method.) Chlorobenzene may be obtained from an aqueous solution of benzenediazo- nium chloride by two methods: (a) Gattermann's Method. The addition of finely divided copper powder to the benzenediazonium chloride solution has a catalytic action even at room C 9 H 5 N 8 Cl = C 6 H 6 Cl + N 2 temperature, causing the evolution of nitrogen and the formation of chloro- benzene. (b) Sandmeyer's Method. If the aqueous solution of benzenediazonium chloride is added to a solution of cuprous chloride in hydrochloric acid and the mixture then warmed, a similar decomposition occurs, nitrogen and chloro- benzene being formed. Required: Copper sulphate, 28 g.; sodium chloride, 9-5 g.; sodium bisulphite, 14 g.; hydrochloric acid, 70 ml.; aniline, 20 ml.; sodium nitrite, 17 g. To prepare the solution of cuprous chloride, add 28 g. of crystalline copper sulphate and 9-5 g. of sodium chloride in turn to ioo ml. of water in a 250 ml. beaker, and warm the
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