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I 9 Q PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY reflux water-condenser to the flask, and in the top of the con- denser fit a dropping-funnel securely by a cork which has a shallow groove cut or filed vertically down the side, in order to allow the subsequent escape of nitrogen. (Alternatively, use the apparatus shown in Fig. 23(A), p. 45.) Meanwhile, during the cooling of the cuprous chloride solution, prepare a solution of benzenediazonium chloride by dissolving 20 ml. (20*5 g.) of aniline in a mixture of 50 ml. of concentrated hydrochloric acid and 50 ml. of water, and after cooling to 5°, adding slowly a solution of 17 g. of sodium nitrite in 40 ml. of water. Observe carefully the general conditions for diazotisation given in the preparation of iodobenzene (p. 184). When the preparation of the cuprous chloride is complete, place the diazonium solution in the dropping-funnel at the top of the reflux condenser, and then heat the flask containing the cuprous chloride on a boiling water-bath. When the cuprous chloride
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