Organic 2 Review Problem 208

Organic 2 Review - 192 P RACTICAL O RGANIC C HEMISTRY sulphate s olution s haking t he flask d uring t he a ddition t o f acilitate the e volution

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192 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY sulphate solution, shaking the flask during the addition to facili- tate the evolution and escape of the cyanogen— take £ reat care to avoid inhaling traces of the cyanogen. During the addition of the cyanide solution the temperature of the mixture rises a few de- grees (usually to about 75°), and finally a clear pale-brown solu- tion of potassium cupro-cyanide is obtained. Now add the diazonium solution to the potassium cupro- cyanide in small quantities at a time so that the temperature of the mixture remains between 60° and 70°: shake the mixture vigor- ously after each addition of the diazo solution. Then fit a reflux air- or water-condenser to the flask, and heat the latter on a boiling water-bath for 15 minutes to complete the reaction. Finally steam-distil the solution until no more oily benzonitrile passes over (usually until about 600 ml. of distillate have been collected). Place the distillate in a separating-funnel and extract the
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