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194 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY conical flask: a clear solution is rapidly obtained. Heat the solution in an oil-bath at 120-130° for 20 minutes, and then cool the solution and pour it on to 50 g. of crushed ice. Filter the precipitated benzamide at the pump, wash it with water, and recrystallise it once (or twice) from water. The benzamide is obtained as white crystals, m.p. 128-130°. Yield, i g. Method (B). Add 3 g. (3 ml.) of benzonitrile to 50 ml. of "" hydrogen peroxide in a beaker, stir mechanically and add i ml. of 10% aqueous sodium hydroxide solution. Warm the stirred mixture at 40° until the oily suspension of the nitrile has been completely replaced by the crystalline benzamide (45-60 minutes). Cool the solution until crystallisation of the benzamide is complete, and then filter at the pump and recrystallise as above. One recrystallisation gives the pure benza- mide, m.p. 129-130°; yield of purified material, 2-2*5 £• p-Tolunitrile (/>-Tolyl Cyanide). CH 8 C
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