Organic 2 Review Problem 213

Organic 2 Review Problem 213 - PREPARATIONS I 9 7 should...

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Unformatted text preview: PREPARATIONS I 9 7 should now be allowed to remain in contact with the potassium carbonate for at least one hour, and preferably overnight. Then fit up the apparatus for ether distillation as shown in Fig. 64 (p. 163, or Fig. 23(E), p. 45). Filter the dry ethereal solution through a small fluted filter-paper directly into the dropping-funnel, run about 30 ml. into the distilling-flask, and finally continue running in the solution as fast as the ether distils over (as described in the preparation of aniline, p. 164). When all the ether has apparently distilled off, disconnect the flask, and fit it with a thermometer reading up to at least 200°, and also with an air-condenser about 12-14 inches long. Now heat the flask very cautiously, as some residual ether always comes over at first, although the temperature may rise rapidly above the boiling-point of ether itself: therefore keep flames away from the open end of the condenser, particularly during the early stages of the distillation. Distil the phenol at such a rate that none escapesthe distillation....
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