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206 PRACTICAL ORGANIC CHEMISTRY base. Pour the contents of the beaker into a separating-funnel, and isolate the free base by one of the following alternative methods. (a) Extract the free base by shaking the mixture in the separating- funnel with about 40 ml. of benzene, repeating the extraction to ensure that all the base has entered the benzene solution. Dry the combined benzene extracts by shaking with powdered anhydrous potassium carbonate for a few minutes, and then filter through a fluted filter-paper directly into a distilling-flask fitted with a water-condenser. Distil off about half the benzene over a sand- bath, and then pour the residual hot benzene solution into a small beaker. On cooling, the />-nitrosodimethylaniline crystallises out in brilliant deep green leaflets: when these are filtered off and dried, however, they usually decrepitate, giving a fine green crystalline powder, m.p. 85°. ( b
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