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PREPARATIONS 213 azoxybenzene is obtained as very pale yellow crystals, m.p. 36°. Yield of recrystallised material, 11 g. The fact that a mixed azoxy-compound, such as />-toluene r azoxy- benzene, CH 3 C 6 H 4 NO:NC 6 H 5 , exists in two isomeric forms, disproves the earlier symmetric formula (A) alloted to azoxybenzene, and PR N T R N-4.O confirms the formula (B), in which ^6 n 6 1N \ ^6 tl 5 iN ~~ >U i • • • j i_ J- I \Q I! the oxygen is joined by a co-ordm- (A) C 6 H 6 N/ C 6 H 6 N (B) ate link to one nitrogen atom. AZOBENZENE. Required: Azoxybenzene, 8 g.; iron filings, ^Sg- Place % g. of the pure powdered azoxybenzene and 25 g. of iron filings (both reagents being quite dry) in a 75 ml. dis- tilling-flask F and mix thoroughly by shaking. Cork the flask and fit to the side-arm a boiling-tube B to act as receiver (Fig. 66): cut or file a groove G in the boiling-tube cork to allow escape of air. Now heat the mixture directly with the Bunsen flame, waving the latter around the base of the flask to ensure
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