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Organic 2 Review - PREPARATIONS 219 compound RNH(1CH8OH which is then reduced to the secondary amine II by the formic acid which is itself oxidised

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PREPARATIONS 219 compound RNH( 1 CH 8 OH)], which is then reduced to the secondary amine (II) by the formic acid, which is itself oxidised to carbon dioxide. The secondary amine then undergoes a similar conversion through the intermediate (I IA) to the tertiary amine (III). For experimental details, see p. 226. Methods (2) and (3) have been extensively used in the investigation of the structure of sugars. Anisole (Methyl Phenyl Ether). C 6 H 5 OCH 3 . (Method i.) Required: Sodium, 3-8 g.; methanol, 75 ml.; phenol, ^15 g.; methyl iodide, n ml. Weigh out 3-8 g. of metallic sodium, cut it into small pieces, and add it to 75 ml. of good-quality (preferably absolute) methanol contained in a 250 ml. bolt-head flask: at once attach the flask to an efficient reflux water-condenser. Considerable heat is evolved by the dissolution of the sodium, and the alcohol boils vigorously under reflux: no attempt should be made to cool the alcohol (unless the condenser tends to "choke"), otherwise a considerable time will elapse before the last traces of the sodium
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